This music performance sheds light on the teachings of Kabir and Amir Khusro
A storyteller brings the musings of Kabir and Amir Khusro to a soirée of music at a Juhu venue
Sufi Night: Poet and singer Vipul Rikhi enthralls music lovers
Vipul Rikhi's  melodious voice echoed through the venue, leaving the attendees deeply moved and enriched by the profound essence of the poetic verses
‘Drunk on Love’: Book explores Kabir’s life through his poetry, vision
The book, "Drunk on Love: The Life, Vision and Songs of Kabir", published by HarperCollins India and written by writer-singer Vipul Rikhi, presents the 15th-century poet, as he is described, quoted, ...
HarperCollins is proud to announce the publication of 'Drunk on Love: The Life, Vision and Songs of ...
/PRNewswire/ -- ABOUT THE BOOK KABIR is a name that has resounded powerfully in the Indic imagination for over 500 years. But who is Kabir? And what is it...
Understanding Saint Kabir’s universal teachings
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Song and Spirit of Kabir
Vipul Rikhi gave a concert “ Suno Bhai Sadho”, where he sang the works of philosophers like Kabir, Goraknath; Sufi poets like Bulle Shah and Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai at Lamakaan on Tuesday 
Vipul Rikhi: An evening with the sants and sadhus | Hyderabad News - Times of India
Silence prevailed at Lamakaan on Tuesday evening as poet, writer and singer Vipul Rikhi took the stage to subsequently take the house-full audience on.
Looking for Kabir in our lives
An evening in which Vipul Rikhi’s songs and verses rescued us from relentless chatter, ringtones and weariness and took us to a place of stillness
The sense of an ending
Vipul Rikhi tells Budhaditya Bhattacharya about the making of his first novel “2012 Nights”
Back to the roots
‘Mann Fakiri’ brings together SS Negi and Vipul Rikhi for a session of music, poetry and thoughts
A harmonious amalgamation
The Mann Fakiri concert being held at three venues in the city is set to give music lovers a different kind of high.
A passion for the folk tradition
Poet, writer, translator, singer - Vipul Rikhi wears many hats with elan. Armed with a deep love for singing mystic poetry in the folk music traditions, Vipul likes to bring equal emphasis to the ...
Get satsang savvy
By: Barkha Kumari Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai’s poems offer life lessons you may discover with poet, writer and translator, Vipul Rikhi of the Kabir Project Vipul Rikhi, a translator and singer ...
Explore Kabir’s poetry
‘The Kabir Project’ comes to town this weekend
In the world of Kabir
Filmmaker Shabnam and writer Vipul Rikhi talk to CE about the project on the 15th Century saint