A Simple Love Story

Meet Abhishek and Baani (Ab and Ba), two young people on the verge of love, and encounter Pits, the literary-minded novelist who is writing their romantic tale. While Ab and Ba go through the tumultuous coming-togethers and coming-aparts of what is commonly known as love, Pits comically pontificates on his understanding of the nature of love, life and literature, and brings his favourite books, writers and poems into the mix. This short novel is followed by a verse drama (‘On a Winter’s Night’) in which a man and a woman in the more mature stages of their lives mysteriously meet and meditate upon the nature of relationship and love.

Boy Meets Girl

Speaking of words and roads…

We were on our way back from a temple city that we’d gone visiting in a group. At that time anything that we could do was in a group. Like a protective umbrella around us. So afraid to reveal ourselves and our desires. Even to simply say that we wanted simply to be with each other was like running naked at that time. So we sought the protection of a group. When it came to love, we were heartbreakingly innocent.