Written in a flowing, conversational style, ‘Drunk on Love’ captures Kabir’s life as told through popular legends, his poetry which has been quoted and translated extensively, and his vision, which it explores in depth through key concepts such as ‘Jheeni’, ‘Raam’, ‘Guru’, ‘Sahaj’, ‘Shoonya’, and others.

An essential introduction to the phenomenon that is ‘Kabir’, this book presents the poet as he is described, quoted and loved in popular imagination.

Immersing Oneself in the Divine Songs of Kabir and Becoming One With Him
A new book on the mystic poet takes a multifaceted look at him and his message.
Drunk on Love review: How mystic poet Kabir became an idea in Indian imagination
Vipul Rikhi explores how Kabir transcends religious boundaries, inviting people of diverse faith to find solace and connection in his poetry


Warp and weft of being human
Warp and weft of being human
How Does Kabir Still Speak To Us?
The tendency of the human mind, whether fighting for personal territory or fighting for justice, is to create an enemy: self vs the other, us vs them. good vs evil. In our times, which seem more ...


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